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Hello SpotMicro

the last couple of weeks I build a SpotMicro too. Thanks to all of you for providing the files. I changed a few things because my servo came with T25 aluminiun servo horns. Also my battery did not fit inside the robot, so I enlarged the body 50mm. As I hate to print support, I changed the cover parts, so no support is needed anymore.

Also I build a silicone mold for paws. This way you can swap the paws like shoes, if they wear down.

You can find all files here

As battery, I use 18650 Sony Konion VTC6 cells as 2S3P pack. Also I use a HobbyKing SBEC (YEP20) which is rated to 20A continuous current to drive the servos. PWM signal for servos will come from a PCA9685 board. Because these boards are totally weak at power rail, I use only signal pin. To power the motors, I soldered a ugly board containing pin headers only. But these headers are connected parallel using huge wires at back.

Next steps will be a much harder task. As I plan to use ROS (still learning), I'm currently developing some kind of low level firmware running on a ESP8266 which subscribes to ROS topics. This firmware just drives the servos and will monitor battery.

some pictures

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Hi Patrick,

impressive work! I like the paws :-) Currently I am experimenting with the code from OpenCat, but I am interstet in ROS too.
I am usring:
Arduini pro mini
7, 4 V Lipo
Step Down DC Module
MPU 6050
Nice work Patrick.
I've been using ROS off and on for about 5 years, it still annoys me and I'm not certain it will be that useful for Spot.

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