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Modified build
Pretty quiet in here!
I have modified the files quite a bit, mainly to fit a much more powerful servo. The MG958 20kg-cm.

The original files had a body length of 176mm, which does not match the body covers. I reduced the length to 127mm. This matches the body covers and also make a bit more sense for the overall length. This may get increased in the future, in fact many things will change as the files have quite a few artifacts that can be removed. It could also do with some cable management.

All prints have been done fast and at a lower res than I usually do just to get up and running quickly. There's a split in the test head I made, as it is from an earlier set of files and is a tiny bit smaller than the current files. I am now printing the front shoulder supports about .5mm smaller around the outside edge so that should mean I don't need to modify the head internal size for future mods.

For the electronics area, I have laser cut a 3mm piece of acrylic to take an Arduino Mega 2560, PCF8583 16 channel servo controller and an MPU6050 IMU. Underneath I have tapped to take 3 x 2-cell holders for 18650 batteries. This will give me 7.2v at about 6amps.

Somehow I have run out of mega 2560s, I usually have a few on hand, so I will order or (find) one I can use. This body length does not allow for a RPI, but I could add a Maixduino vision board in the head so I would not need any pi capabilities. I also intend to modify the head to take the maixduino and 2 sonar.

I am waiting on the battery holders, but maybe next week I can power it up with an external power supply for testing.

Dave Everett
The first change I have made is to include some cable routing for the leg. I have an adhesive clip on the back of the shoulder servo that routes it's cable tight to the servo so it won't get caught . I also included a routing hole in the shoulder servo mount to take the cables from the other leg servos.

I'm printing up the other 3 shoulder mounts, then I need to test the strength of the servos before I make any more mods.


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