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CORE V1.00 Released
Hi Everyone,

We've released a new version of the SpotMicroAI hardware, the CORE hardware.

The CORE hardware is designed as the minimalist version of SpotMicroAI, able to be built for the lowest cost while being able to achieve full walking. It uses a camera instead of ultrasonic sensors (easier wiring), and does not feature a LIDAR. Future branches of spotmicro may include additional sensors or LIDAR but the CORE hardware is designed to be accessible, easy to use, and low cost.

You can find the files at:

The 3D printable parts should be relatively stable at this point. Recommended electronics are a raspberry Pi 4 with a wide angle PI camera. A more in-depth overview of the electronics assembly is forthcoming.

I hope everyone enjoys! If there are any other features you'd like to see included in future versions, leave a comment below.



Change Log:

Version 1.00 - September 2, 2019
- Legs are now designated as Right or Left
- Body/Shoulders have been adjusted to facilitate left and right symmetry in the legs
- Captive nuts are used where possible
- Blank Nose and Black rear parts are included
- No need to reflect parts after download
- Chassis plate for RPi included
- Chassis plate for Jetson Nano included
- No holes cut in the covers
Hi Brad, great work and thank you so much for sharing it!
I wonder why I have not seen a spotmicro walking. I am trying to build one using MG996R servos. In fact I want to scale up my cat mini version ( which works quite well with the smaller MG92B servos. Some reported the MG996R's are too weak but I think its more a powering problem. On the other hand, the use of ROS would have more possibilities but I guess it would only make sense using the expensive Dynamixel servos.
Any advice which way to go?



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